Everybody likes a guy who is TDH (Tall, Dark and Handsome), in fact most ladies fantasize about a guy who is TDH but what ladies like best is a TDH guy with a voice, not just any kind of voice but that voice that will melt the heart and turn the legs to jelly. Isn’t that just romantic *day dreaming* sigh!!! We’ll talk about that some other time. I remember when I heard the song “Ife wa gbona” by Tiwa Savage featuring Leo Wonder, I was blown away, there was this particular part of the song I replayed over and over… ♪ ♪ Oya come come follow me go Je ka lo si ibi ti oju olomo o to Come build my home, along with me Come be the one to bear my pikin Along with me, come be the one to bear my pikin my pikin, your pikin, our pikin ♪ ♪ I just couldn’t get over the lyrics and the voice that produced it, it had me day dreaming for days about the musician Leo Wonder. All the way from Osun state (state of the living spring), Michael Adebiyi Oguntimilehin came onto the scene in a manner that has left a lot of folks speechless. The Superstar, singer, dancer and writer started his journey into the music scene from the Church where he used to be a choir master; he sings all the parts pretty well and takes all the backup vocals himself without the help of additional voices. In the late 90’s he started up a group called the Musketeers with a friend Morachi who is now also a solo artiste. He has recorded in the studios along side the likes of the Plantashun boys, Paul Play, Ojb, nomoreloss, Mr. Kool, Zdon, Gino, the late Dagrin, Naeto C, and a host of others. Watch out for Leo wonder because soon he will be bringing together the best of the best in the music world for his most anticipated Album having featured with Nigeria’s Indigenous acts such as: Morachi, Timi d black 1, Gino, Sossick, Isolate, Samklef, Skales and as you all know the renowned Nigerian American diva Tiwa savage.

Twitter: @itssimplymo, facebook: Modupeoreoluwa Yosi Adeyemi



I remember the first time I saw the video of the song “Ring tone” on sound city, I was blown away and I couldn’t take my eyes off the television set. It was not just the video that got my attention but the lyrics of the song, the voices and the dance steps too. It was delivered with such professionalism that I made up my mind to meet these people.
Six people, four guys and two ladies, Tinuke Afolayan(Apholyzty) and Civian Obehi(Slimberry) who are the lead vocalists, Romeo Ugwudike(Romeo) a rapper, Emmanuel Oghenaikoge(Emma blow) the drummer, Damilare Onibudo(Dammy keyz) the keyboardist and Godwin Etim(Gbase) the bass guitarist make up the Crystals band.
The group came together in a popular reality show called Star Quest in 2012, they chose themselves in the reality show from the beginning of the competition as team mates because they saw the same qualities in each other and because of these qualities they won the competition. They are young, talented, vibrant, good looking and their music is fresh.
After the competition they were signed under the management of “NOW MUZIK” which manages popular names in the music industry like 2face Idibia, J Martins, Timi Dakolo to mention a few.
Crystals have performed in many big and major events such as Star Trek tour, Rhythm Unplugged, etc. and right now starting from the 3rd of April they will be doing a tour of some of the hottest clubs in Lagos and I’m sure you don’t want to miss it. These wonderful set of young people promise to be distinct and will soon be taking over the music industry. WATCH OUT…

NOW MUZIK and NM.EN.CORE presents
3rd April- Sub 69 Ziggies(Magodo)
4th April- Freedom hall, Ember Creek(Ikoyi)
5th April- Embassy(Akoka, Yaba)
6th April- The Place (Lekki Phase 1)

Catch Crystals live in your hood and experience “ELEVATED” for real!


There is nothing as inspiring as being passionate about something and doing that thing, you find joy, happiness and fulfilment, you are not bothered about what people think and you are ready to stand up for your passion no matter the circumstance. That is exactly how Akor Abigail can be described. From a distance she looks like a white collar kinda girl but on a closer look, she likes to be her own boss.
For a girl who loves swimming, travelling and making friends, you’ll think she’ll have no time to do anything serious but Abigail is one of the most creative cake makers you can find, apart from the creamy, melting, sweet taste of the cakes that leave you begging for more, the decorations will definately blow your mind away. She’s got hands with a magic touch…
Apart from her creative mind and hands, she is fun loving, kind, friendly and pretty strict, never a dull moment with her and that character rubs off on her cakes.
For more enquiries you can contact her on 2736D5C6, 08139122754.

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Jack of all trades, master of none, that is the usual saying. I am going to rephrase that statement, Jack of all trades, Master of all, yes of all, that is exactly how Sorunke Olurotimi Ayokunle can be described. He is the Head designer / Managing partner THR3E.TEN clothing company with branches in Nigeria and The United Kingdom, a Wardrobe / style / red carpet Consultant, music artist manager (manages Danbaba formerly known as Danagog). He also deals in property sales and acquisition (real estate sector). It is the general saying that Igbo men are the best businessmen but I can assure you that Timi is no Igbo man but he has a superb business sense, you can’t go wrong when you have him on your side. Looking at his size, he is expected to be a bully but I can assure you that Timi is the best friend anybody can think of having, He is gentle, kind, talented, hard working, benevolent and merciful. You also hardly see successful guys who are humble but Timi is the epitome of humbleness. Naturally, he loves the good life and he’ll work hard to keep having him. Lest I forget Timi is a good dancer, I mean break dancing, krumping and the likes, he’ll mess you up on the dance floor anytime, anyday. Timi is a great man and should be celebrated.


Oh the Pain. “thieves, thieves” he screamed, it was almost funny. Nt until more voices joined the chorus as they screamed and shouted on us. We cud av ran at least to save our lives, but our intentions were genuine and little did we know how the day would end. From a handful of young men shouting and throwing questions at us, it escalated to a crowd of angry mob. There was no way we could escape this one, so we calmed down. They pushed us around and then stripped us all. These men pulled us pants down, we were more than embarrassed, the whole community watched, I recognized few faces from the crowd. Obviously they were so afraid to say “stop” then the beating started, I wished it to be just a nightmare. But it was real, these men were determined. They dropped heavy rocks on our heads, they pounded our faces wit large planks, blood covered our eyes, they matched and kicked us right on our bleeding nostrils, we couldn’t breathe. “Bring tire” one of the men repeated, until they brought the tires. “Oh God!” We watched the crowd watch us, we raised hands of plea, we couldn’t speak, Some hid, some shot videos and took pictures. there was no one to stop this. This was the point we knew it was over. We felt pain, helpless and hopeless. I thought of my siblings, i wondered how my mum would take this. She would fall apart. I begged God to hold her for me, comfort and make her strong for me, I prayed same for my friends. Then we started crying, we cried together. the tears gave us headaches. We looked up high, the sky was still. Rings of tires landed on our necks, they kept hitting us, but we were numb already. They set us ablaze. We rolled around, tried to reach for each other, I wondered who would give up first, the fire burned our bodies. it hurt, it hurt and then it hurt. But suddenly the pain stopped, Then I couldn’t hear any other thing, but silence. I thanked God. the pain was over and Gods glory was revealed.
Author: Owodunni Babatomiwa
May the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace. Amen
This was written out of imagination of how those four students would have felt during their murder process… #Aluu

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♪♪ Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she beautiful, isn’t she lovely… ♪♪. Tall, slim, sleek with legs that go on forever, sexy and beautiful, you can’t miss her anywhere, There’s nothing as good as a beautiful girl with a good heart. She is like “Venus” from the “gods of mount olympus”.
Let me tell you a story, six years ago, in Oyo state, in an upcoming University, there was a new girl. She was walking about aimlessly and lost in thoughts, confused because of her new environment. When she was suddenly besieged by This beautiful girl who said hi, what’s your name and your department, do you need help? Don’t worry, I’ll take you round, do you have your books? I’ll copy your notes for you. Funny enough the beautiful girl too was new and she had her own friends already but she took time out to help a sister in need. The new girl was dumbfounded but she followed the beautiful girl anyway, from that time the new girl never forgot that simple act of good deed , she still wonders how someone could be so nice to a stranger, the beautiful girl left an impression that can never be tarnished in the mind of that new girl.
That beautiful girl is Tolulope Jessica Lawal. She is a graduate of mass communication. this graceful runway/lookbook model has it all, a beauty with brains, she’s got the body of a goddess, heart of an angel and the mind of a hustler. You’ll expect her to be proud and pompous but this young lady is humble to a fault.
For her being a model is not enough, she is the CEO Royalfaces Makeup and she specialises in bridal and everyday makeover. There’s never a dull moment with her, she’s fun all the way..
She is the true definition of a DIVA…

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I haven’t seen any one who loves to play with balls, any kind of ball, now don’t get it twisted I’m talking basketball, volleyball, handball, football and the likes. When people talk about this damsel, anybody listening will expect a huge, muscular, bone cracking girl when they see her because it is surprising the kind of energy that comes from her.
Rukevwe Emuveyan is a lady of many talents, apart from her love for sports, she is one of the best MCs you can get, sexy, sassy, witty just name it and she can put you out of step when she spins on the dance floor. This graduate of Geology from a great University in Nigeria just knows her game, right now she works in one of the prestigious banks in Nigeria and she keeps me wondering how she manages to combine all these things together without breaking down. I guess that song ♪ ♪ Strength of a woman ♪ ♪ should be dedicated to her because I have never seen a more sexy and strong lady with so much style…

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